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Created in 1949 by Lucien Dessillons. Since its inception, Dessillons & Dutrillaux has been developing and manufacturing equipment for medical diagnostics, orthopedic surgery and medical resuscitation.

Years of know-how with always the same vocation, excellence in the service of health.

Pneumatic Tourniquet

The tourniquet is conventionally used by orthopedic surgeons to stop the flow arteriovenous in the region downstream to ensure a bloodless surgical field.

The tourniquet is connected by connectors and adapters to the cuff or lower limb cuff.

The cuff or lower limb cuff must be placed in correct position limb to be treated, the duration and the pressure range varies according to the patient.

The tourniquet allows to inflate the cuff rapidly in early intervention and then to proceed with rapid deflation after surgery.

Our Products

image of Dessillons and Dutrillaux electronic pneumatic tourniquet

Pneumatic Tourniquet

Pneumatic Electromechanical Tourniquet with Regulated Pressure Circuit.

image of Dessillons and Dutrillaux manual pneumatic tourniquets

Manual Pneumatic Tourniquet

Manual pneumatic tourniquet with monobloc cuff or cuff with silicone bladder or disposable cuff.

image of the Gray Fuse fabric snap cuff from Dessillons and Dutrillaux

Cuffs for Pneumatic Tourniquet

Reusable or disposable monobloc cuffs and cuffs with silicone pouch ...

image of the mobile base accessory from Dessillons and Dutrillaux

Accessories for Pneumatic Tourniquet

Printer, Mobile stand on casters.

DDM logo actor of the french fab. ISO 13485 certified. DDM logo actor of the french fab. ISO 13485 certified.

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